A visual portfolio tracker for enabling investors to make informed, actionable decisions about the Cardano ecosystem

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Problem Statement

The Cardano ecosystem is exploding outward & upward. It's increasingly difficult to easily & effectively track your assets across new projects.


Build an application to consolidate ADA portfolio, native tokens & NFTs across various Cardano DApps & projects that a user has invested in .

What is is building Cardano-focused visual portfolio tracker to enable investors to make informed, actionable decisions. It will be a singular place for investors to track their native assets, staking rewards, NFTs and DeFi products through a personalized dashboard. Insight-focused and analytics-driven, wants to make portfolio management in the Cardano ecosystem intuitive by design.


The Cardano world is busy. Busy researching, growing and challenging norms every single day. The people invested in Cardano projects are even busier. What's the most valuable thing you can give to busy people? Time. Time for community, time for growth, time for balance. wants to give time back to the Cardano community by removing the manual effort of tracking their Cardano assets and present insights in a visually-digestible format so that they can make decisions quickly
We believe that an informed investor is the best asset. But right now, Cardano investors are facing information overload from a smattering of sources. This doesn't lead to thoughtful, well-researched and planned moves--it leads to moves that are informed by the latest inputs of information an investor receives. The latest news is hardly the whole story. wants to tell the whole story and build an informed community invested in both their own portfolio performance and the network overall.

Planned Features

  • Portfolio. Personalised dashboard tracking for your Cardano holdings that consolidates native assets, staking rewards, NFTs and DeFi with visual insights & analyses.
  • Visual Blockchain Explorer. A visually-driven way to explore the blockchain based on epoch, blocks, transactions and wallets.
  • Stake Pool Ranking. Rank & visualise stake pools based on delegators, rewards, epochs with blocks, margin and fees to help investors optimise their staking strategy.
  • NFT Search. Simple, aggregated gallery to search & explore NFTs.
  • News + Sentiment Analysis. Consolidated new source for Cardano network with sentiment analysis algorithm to pull key insights from new feeds.
  • OLIO. Governance and utility coin that will be allocated to active community participants for feature suggestion and voting.

Long Term Vision

We aim to build more than just a dashboard--we want to create and connect a community of Cardano investors, delegators and projects. In order to grow and govern this community, we'll launch our own OLIO token. OLIOs can be used to suggest and vote for new features as well as unlock advanced features like predictive portfolio insights.


Phase 1 (Q3 2021)

  • Fund 6 Proposal
  • Wireframes
  • R&D on information design strategy
  • Market research

Phase 2 (Q4 2021)

  • Data architecture
  • Website infrastructure
  • Launch stake pool & community groups
  • Launch beta Portfolio page with native assets & staking rewards sections

Phase 3 (Q1 2022)

  • Implement beta feedback and push Portfolio live
  • Launch Portfolio's NFT & DeFi sections
  • Launch visual blockchain explorer, stake pool rankings and NFT search pages
  • Launch stakepool ads and project promotions
  • Open community forum for feature suggestion and voting

Phase 4 (Q2 2022)

  • Launch Cardano News page with sentiment analysis beta
  • Launch OLIO coin for exclusive features, governance and voting for future of the platform
  • Reward Stake pool delegators with OLIO rewards

Definition of success

3 months: Community groups with 1000 users for beta Portfolio feedback; beta Portfolio launched; stake pool with 500K ADA staked
6 months: Portfolio live with 2000 users; Visual Blockchain Explorer, Stake Pool Rankings & NFT Search launched; stake pool with 1m ADA staked
12 months: All planned features live; OLIO coin launched as mechanism for community forum for discussion & voting on future features Team

​Richard Huth : Full stack software engineer with 10 years experience working in the fin-tech and ad-tech startup space

​Michele Brooks: Data engineer and information designer with an MSc in Information Science and 6 years experience wrangling data into insights for companies in North America, Africa and Asia.


Portfolio: Native Assets
Portfolio: Staking Rewards
Portfolio: NFTs
Portfolio: DeFi
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